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Dogs & Cats

Rabbits, Small Animals, Reptiles & Birds

Llamas, Alpacas & Goats

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Dogs & Cats
For more info on Dogs & Cats please visit our Healthy World Pet Deodorizer website.

Sweet PDZ is highly effective in eliminating odors in Cat Boxes & Dog Runs too...

Sweet PDZ was never just meant to be for horses even though it’s packaged and marketed as a “horse stall refresher”.  After all, isn’t ammonia really just ….well…. “ammonia”; whether it is being produced by a dog, cat, horse or elephant.

Sweet PDZ is very effective in neutralizing and eliminating dog and cat urine and feces odors.  It also works well to neutralize and eliminate what some folks refer to as, “doggie” odors.  It also works very well when sprinkled on pet “mistakes”.  Old dried up spots, or recent and moist areas can be treated for odor simply by sprinkling Sweet PDZ over the soiled area.  Sweet PDZ granules will work safely on all types of carpets and flooring, furnishings and fabrics.

Sprinkle Sweet PDZ in the area where odors are noticeable and let it sit until the odors have been eliminated.  Depending on the concentration and amount of ammonia and odors that are present, it may take Sweet PDZ minutes or several hours to perform effectively.  Just allow a reasonable time for Sweet PDZ to work, and then vacuum or sweep it up.

Sweet PDZ is a fantastic litter additive...

Use Sweet PDZ in combination with cat box litter for complete aroma protection.  Unlike most litters that contain a masking scent or perfume, Sweet PDZ captures and eliminates ammonia and odors by neutralizing them through its unique mineral chemistry.  For great litter box odor control, simply sprinkle 1/3 cup to a full cup of Sweet PDZ over the top of the litter.  If you use a traditional clay (non-clumping) litter, you may also choose to sprinkle a covering of Sweet PDZ on the bottom of the litter box as this is where a lot of urine accumulates and odors develop.  Additionally, because Sweet PDZ is unscented, it will not detour the cats from using their litter box.

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Rabbits, Small Animals, Reptiles & Birds

Even little critters can create big smells...

It is easy to control odor in small animal habitats and pet cages using Sweet PDZ.  Simply sprinkle a light, visible covering on the bottom of the habitat, cage or catch and watch and smell how fast Sweet PDZ absorbs the urine and captures the ammonia and odors.  A little Sweet PDZ goes a long way in these small habitats, and it makes your home environment and your cute little critters living area much more healthy and enjoyable by not having to smell that noxious ammonia odor.   Clean out your habitat regularly, and reapply a little Sweet PDZ every few days, or as needed.  Sweet PDZ is completely safe for use with these small pets.

Caged and Housed Birds

Now your aviary can smell as sweet as your birds' sing.  Sweet PDZ will work in cages or under roosting areas.  Sweet PDZ is gentle and won’t bother eggs or young birds.  Just sprinkle a light, visible covering of Sweet PDZ in the cage.  Treat cage every couple of days or as needed.  All natural Sweet PDZ safely eliminates urine and other odors from their source.

Chickens - For more info and application directions check out our poultry page.

Chickens have a lot of benefits, but they are by no means the neatest of barnyard animals.  In fact their coops, hen houses and pens can get really stinky. Sweet  PDZ is the answer to your smelly, dropping filled coops. Sprinkle Sweet PDZ liberally where the birds make their mess. Reapply regularly on the most frequently used roosting areas, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, safe and pleasant smelling chicken house. Sweet PDZ also makes it much easier to remove the droppings when cleaning out the chicken’s house. As an added benefit Granular Sweet PDZ can be safely eaten by the birds and used by them to grind their food. Clean smelling chickens = healthy chickens.

Snakes, Turtles and Other Reptiles

A light sprinkling of Sweet PDZ every couple of days, or as needed, will neutralize and eliminate the ammonia and odors.  In some reptile habitats it is recommended that a small pile of Sweet PDZ be placed in the corner(s) rather then covering the entire bottom of the cage with Sweet PDZ.  This is not due to Sweet PDZ being harmful to reptiles, however Sweet PDZ is a desiccant and its drying action may be uncomfortable to some reptiles’ skin.

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Llamas, Alpacas & Goats

Oh! Those dung piles...

So, your sweet, adorable llamas have decided to make a mess inside the barn instead of in their paddock or pasture.  Sweet PDZ can help you dissuade this unpleasant, if not out right, rude, eliminative behavior, by encouraging them to move their dung pile out where it belongs. 

The following stall maintenance routines have been offered to us by several llama and alpaca owners with “real world” experience.

For Concrete Floors

  1. Remove the dung from the floor.
  2. Sprinkle a visible and comprehensive covering of Sweet PDZ on the soiled area and more lightly on the surrounding area.  Generally, one to three cups.
  3. Monitor the area and reapply if this “eliminative” activity occurs in the treated area again.
  4. Maintain an odor free area with periodic light applications.


For Wooden Floors

  1. Remove the dung from the floor.
  2. Sprinkle a visible and comprehensive covering of Sweet PDZ on the soiled area and more lightly on the surrounding area.  Generally, one to three cups.
  3. Keep your dear four legged friends away from this area as much as possible for two days (Note, there is no harm in them coming in contact with Sweet PDZ.  Keeping them away from this area is only suggested so that Sweet PDZ has sufficient time to do its odor neutralizing job.
  4. Each day during that time, sweep, remove and reapply Sweet PDZ.
  5. Continue the process of removing the manure and reapplying Sweet PDZ twice a day (if possible).   Continue this procedure until your llamas/alpacas have discontinued soiling this area of the barn.


For Dirt Floors

  1. Dig up the area at the dung pile to the depth of about 9", blend in one part Sweet PDZ to two parts of dirt and pack down. Place a light sprinkling of Sweet PDZ on the surface that extends beyond the soiled area.
  2. Monitor the area and reapply if this “eliminative” activity occurs in the treated area again.
  3. Continue to clean and re-apply with periodic light applications to maintain an odor-free environment.

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This real world story will illustrate how well Sweet PDZ performs with goats...

A west Texas feed store was faced with this dilemma during an extreme cold spell in January 1997.  A bone chilling ice storm swept through west Texas.  This store left the office of the local feed company as the only safe haven from the life threatening cold for three kids and a mother. Two bottle-fed Nubians and one Pygmy goat with its mother, occupied that office for four days. To everyone's chagrin, when the goats were moved out, they left a rather pungent reminder of their visit.

The odor was left behind, but now the smell is gone...

Scrubbing the floor with bleach just did not "cut the mustard". The aroma persisted. That's when the owner of the store turned to Sweet PDZ. She sprinkled it on the floor and then called our office to inquire how long it should be left down on the floor. When asked, "how does it smell now?”; the reply was, "I don't know, I'll check." When she returned to the telephone to report, "the smell is gone", we all agreed it was then time to sweep up the Sweet PDZ.  Its job was complete.

We checked with the customer five days after her call, and she reported that her office was still odor free and she was breathing much easier. Sweet PDZ will do the same job with your ammonia and odor problems in your stalls and barns too!

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Compost & Gardening

Sweet PDZ is a "Green" earth product. It can be put to use in your garden & compost. Recycle Sweet PDZ after use by applying the bedding that contains Sweet PDZ to gardens, pastures or compost. It serves as a nutrient rich nitrogen soil conditioner. This material also enhances the composting process.



Put Sweet PDZ to work for you...

Sweet PDZ isn't just good for horse stalls and pet habitats.  Here are a few other ways it can help you to breathe easier around the house.

Musty Damp and Mildew Odors...    

For persistent dampness in large unused areas such as crawl spaces or attics, use Sweet PDZ to dry out and eliminate odors.

The Garage...

Use Sweet PDZ to absorb spilled oil or gasoline and remove their odors.

Camping and Outhouses...

Take Sweet PDZ along on your next camping trip and eliminate outhouse and garbage odors.

Pest Control...

Sweet PDZ is not an insecticide, but its drying effect and sharp surface area dries and kills many insects.  Sweet PDZ is a safe, organic and natural alternative to add to your pest control programs.

Flood Clean Up...

Sweet PDZ works very well at helping to remove dampness and moisture, as well as the odors, that result from a flood.  First remove the standing water, and then apply a covering of Sweet PDZ throughout the area.  Allow Sweet PDZ to sit for several hours than sweep or vacuum it up.  It can also be left down with no ill effects.

Call us at (800) 367-1534 for suggestions and help with your odor or moisture control situations.  Also, if you have used Sweet PDZ in a unique way, we would love to hear about it. 

For the Sweet PDZ brochure, download here: Sweet PDZ Brochure PDF
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For information on the various industrial applications of Zeolites visit www.steelheadspecialtyminerals.com.

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