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Rave Reviews

Works GREAT with Goats

I bought a bag a week ago to use in a stall i keep 2 goats at night and while i am at work so 16-20 hrs per day i was using straw as bedding. Cleaned the straw out after 2 weeks of use and ammonia smell was terrible sprinkled this down and smell was gone almost instantly switched to pine and cedar shavings and using this product now i have an odor free goat pen. Highly recommend

Verona, KY

Love this stuff!

I have a cat, rabbit and dog. I always dreaded cleaning out the litter box or rabbit cage because the smell was always so bad, but someone suggested using Sweet PDZ in the cat's litter box. I tried and the smell is gone. I thought well if it worked in the litter box I must try it with my rabbits too. I sprinkled a little in the rabbit tray and the odor was gone. My neighbors complained they could smell urine in my yard from the dog so I took and sprinkled PDZ all around the back yard and haven't had a complaint since. I will never go without using Sweet PDZ again. Thanks for an awesome product!

Memphis, TN

Love Sweet PDZ!

My barn cannot exist without PDZ. I went away for a few days and my help clearly did not use this in the stalls. I am truly a stickler when it comes to this stuff. When I returned home the flies were out of control. Once I was back in the barn, back in control using this the way it should be used, let's just say the horses were glad mom was home and their stalls were once again perfect. Between PDZ, stall pellets and shavings life is good.

Highland, MI

Great for any wet areas

I have been using this product for more than 20 years - not just in the barn, but in the horse trailer too. I also used it to soak up the stink in a used trailer I bought, where the carpeting had been wet for years. Took out the earth-worm smell. Anyone who has experienced flooding in their home or basements should buy this to help remove wet and odors.

Thumb, MI

Not just for Horses

We love Sweet PDZ for our chickens! Put it under the roost and scoop like cat litter. So easy, clumps waste, no ammonia smell and compostable!

South Carolina

Awesome for Litter Boxes

We have been using Sweet PDZ stall refresher in our litter boxes for years and LOVE the product. It works wonders to extend the life of the litter and eliminates the ammonia and overall litterbox smell. Most people can't believe we even have indoor cats - we have seven cats and three litterboxes! I used to drive 30 minutes to get to a feed store just to get a bag. Enter Amazon. But lately have only been able to find the powder version on here which I don't like as well in my application. Enter the Coop Refresher. It's the same product in a much easier to store 10lb bag. Well done Sweet PDZ. Keep it up with an awesome product.

Amazon Customer

Great Product!

We tried Sweet PDZ for the first time almost ten years ago! Even met and had lunch with the owner of the company. Been using it ever since. Since we have added cows to our homestead, there is yet another use for this great product! 

The Chicken Whisperer

Dog Run Odor

I just wanted to sent you a quick note thanking you for your service. I purchased your product from Broken Horn Saddlery as per one of your suggestions. First off the store is excellent they have everything I could think of that I would ever need and more that I didn’t know I wanted, They represent you product very well. I spread your product over the back yard wear the smell of dog urine was awful and almost immediately the smell was gone. A week later I did another application more thoroughly so I put two bags over a 15’X30’ and a 30’X3’ stretch and the back yard smells nice and normal thank so very much for your product our neighbors are very happy as well.

Craig Waser

Sewage Leak

In the April/May 2016 flooding and destructive weather around Bryan, TX, my home was plagued with high, fast moving waters when the creek behind us got out of banks. Home is not on slab foundation, so the combination of debris and rapid waters shifted the pipes underneath causing a [slow] sewage leak under the house.

The issue slowly developed over a couple weeks time, and with it brought a very large puddle and unpleasant odor which slowly worsened; we truly felt something was dead nearby due to the waters, and being as this was under the house, the leak was unseen. As soon as it was discovered, we bought several bags of [granular] Sweet PDZ and spread it in the puddle and around the area. Within several hours, the smell was noticeably lessened and within two days the smell had turned into that of fertilizer with a mildly sweet smell. 

It was three days' wait before our preferred plumber could see us, so we spread a couple more pounds of PDZ around just to keep it freshened and dry. Our guy was AMAZED, to say the least, at how dry and PLEASANT the conditions were to work in. He raved about it! We gave him the leftover couple of bags and he said he will be purchasing this as needed for his jobs because he's never known a product like it. 

(Bryan, TX)

Poultry Pen

My husband raises Quail. As you can imagine, these birds are messy and attract unwanted smells and bugs. Sweet PDZ takes care of what could be "issues". Lightly sprinkle the pen and clean it out once a week. BONUS: Garden was performing poorly this year, started throwing the pen cleanings into the garden and the plants started performing and came to life. We also sprinkle it in the dog pen, where the cats use the bathroom outside and anyplace we need fast moisture or odor control. This product is truly amazing and works for so many unrestricted applications.  


This is an awesome product!!!

I am a certified horse trainer and show my western pleasure horse.  I started using Sweet PDZ in my mare's stall a number of years ago due to the strong ammonia odor.  All I can say is "Amazing"....  I lived in a cold climate and the barn would be closed up most of the time, so the "smell like a barn" saying was all too true.  The results in my mare's stall were almost immediate.  The odor was not present and the ease of cleaning due to the absorbency of this product was stellar.  I was definitely hooked.  I started using Sweet PDZ in all the horses stalls.  Needless to say the "smell like a barn" saying no longer applied.   In addition, there was a reduction in stall flies, shavings usage, and cleaning time.  This product is so economical with so many benefits.  The overall health of my horses, whether it be respiratory, insects, or comfort is of the utmost importance.  I have since moved to a warm climate with open air barns but the odors, insects, and mess are the same.   Well guess what...I still use Sweet PDZ in my horses stall and all the same benefits hold true.  I wanted to share this with the Sweet PDZ Company and thank you for this wonderful product.  

And just to add another benefit, after composting in my manure pile, It was spread on my property and we had a pretty nice lawn.  I thought it was my green thumb but your representative (Jim Fleming) at the Midwest Horse Fair shared the scientific components of the product.  He was very knowledgable and certainly an asset to your company.  Nice!
                                                                                            Karen M  
(Fort Myers Florida)

I LOVE this product!!!

In a world where most are so quick to tell someone when they're unhappy, I wanted to thank you for such an amazing product!  I love, love, love Sweet PDZ and what it does for my barn.  We recently built a small farm and were excited to bring our paint and retired standardbred pacer home to live.  We put down stall mats and sawdust over crushed rock in our stalls, hoping to cut down on urine odor.  However, with the warmer weather, daily cleaning still wasn't enough.  

We were worried about the ammonia fumes and the health of our horses.  I had read about Sweet PDZ online and never, ever saw a negative comment, so we decided to give it a try.  What a huge difference it has made!!!!  We sprinkle a little on the stall mats after we clean each day.  Even friends who don't own horses have said how odor-free our little barn is :-)  Another great benefit we didn't anticipate is that no odor also means no flies.........the only stray fly in my barn is seen buzzing around my window screens trying to get out :-)  

Thanks so much for making such an amazing product.  I'm a loyal customer for life!

Kenda Ladd
Fruitport, MI

Knox County Fairgrounds

Being brought up in the country but not on a farm I tend to notice the strong animal smell in the barns.  This year I spent a lot of time in several barns and I quite pleased to not notice the overwhelming smell of the animals on our hot summer days.

It wasn’t until after the fair it was brought to my attention you had supplied us with your product and that is why I wasn’t able to smell the strong odors.  Your product really works!  I am going to tell all my friends that live on farms or just have animals that Sweet PDZ is needed to freshen up the barn or stall.

Thanks you very much!
Tammy Coakley
Knox County Fair ______________________________________________________________

Happy Horses

We started using Sweet PDZ a year ago for our Shire Draft horses. My barn with 5 horses in it never smelled better! The horses are in their box stalls at night in the winter and during the day in the hot summer months. Either time the stalls are always fresh and nice. We always have cleaned our stalls daily and put down clean shavings, but now with Sweet PDZ being used 2 -3 times a week it is so much better. Thank you so much for this great product.
Kathy G.


Happy Customer

I have a dog kennel in the middle of a small northern town. The urine smell coming from my kennel had me worried about possible complaints. I have wonderful neighbors and it is very important to keep my kennel quiet and non-smelly. After applying Sweet PDZ, for the first time in 7 years, I could smell the great outdoors, not urine! Thank you for coming out with such a great product. I've passed the word on to all my fellow mushers on our sled dog line. You have acquired many new customers!
Ruth P.


The Chicken's say Thank You!

...We had a real problem in our poultry building with foul odors. We could mask the odor temporarily, but we could not satisfactorily control it on a daily basis until we started using Sweet PDZ. Approximately 1,000 chickens, pigeons, turkeys, geese and rabbits were in this building with daytime temperatures in the 80 to 90+ degrees range. Thanks to Sweet PDZ for approximately 10 years of odor control.
The Big Fresno Fair, Fresno, CA 


Excellent Product!

Had to stall rest horse for 6 months. Horse developed cough - started using PDZ and cough went away. This is the only thing that worked to get rid of ammonia smell and it lasts forever. It doesn't include a scooper but who cares when you can simply use a plastic container. Not easily impressed but this product moved me to actually writing a review. Chance


Great product in my book!

I have a very small area of decomposed granite where the dogs "do their business". During certain times of the year, this area so so odoriferous that was unable to have people over because of the odor. After sprinkling the PDZ on the area the odor was almost completely eliminated. This was light years ahead of any enzyme products I had used up until this time.


Stinky Stalls are Odor Free

Works Great and Inexpensive. My horse had a nasty smelling stall despite my meticulous daily stall cleaning habits, "airing" it out, and adding new bedding. I have clay base with stall mats on top. Worked like a charm; was inexpensive and local retailer carries in stock! Give it a try if you have stinky stalls! Using it as needed daily and it's working. 


Sweet PDZ all the way

Just switched from Stall Dry to Sweet PDZ and cannot believe the difference. I would recommend this product to anyone! I even tried it out in my cat's litter box and it works just as well there as it did in the stalls. I can imagine it would work for just about every type on animal. VERY HAPPY. Thank you for a great product!


My Goats say Thank You

Wow, what a change.  So when we first got goats i picked this up along with "TSC pine shavings" I would always Pour down some PDZ and then bedding then toss on a little bit more PDZ on that....did this for months. never had any bad smells. really was nice and fresh for weeks...Well I wanted to see if it was Really working....so once i cleaned out the barn with just new shaving....within 4 days the barn started to smell something awful....Never will clean a stall again without Sweet PDZ.


Great Product!!

I contacted your company last summer when I was trying to find a product to help reduce or eliminate the urine-smell in my pea-gravel dog run.

I have a 1,000 sq foot dog run filled with 3 to 4 inches of pea gravel (about 9 tons).  I board dogs in my home so this area gets a lot of traffic.  While fecal material is picked up the moment it lands, urine has to pass through the gravel, a heavy-duty layer of thick landscaper cloth and then filter through the earth below.  In the summer I normally hose the gravel down at least once a week by letting a sprinkler run on it all night.  I also use a deodorizer / detergent / disinfectant made for animal labs & kennels and spray it over the gravel occasionally and let it air dry.  Still, when it's hot and humid, I get a urine smell coming off it.

Desperate to find something to kill the smell, I started using SweetPDZ in July of 2013.  The results were immediate and extraordinary.  The urine smell vanished.  Instantly.

My situation differs from cleaning horse stalls where a layer of straw or bedding is constantly being replaced.  I don’t remove the pea gravel layer when cleaning — I flush it with water and clean it with disinfectants — but the urine does accumulate in the soil underneath and it takes a great deal of water to flush it away.  In addition, I regularly use an electric leaf blower to not only blow any leaves and debris out of the gravel, I also use the blower to redistribute the gravel with the blasting-air, bringing gravel up from the bottom to the top to reach the sunlight and air.

I ended up using about 2 bags of SweetPDZ (80 pounds) for my 1,000 sq foot area and sprinkled it by hand to cover the area as evenly as possible.  Then I lightly raked the surface of the gravel to allow the SweetPDZ granules to fall below the surface.  By the time I’d put my tools away the urine smell was gone!

I kept expecting to have to add more SweetPDZ during the summer, but to my surprise the granules continued to work their magic all summer and fall.

Thank you so much for an excellent and effective product.  I searched all over the internet for information on odor control for dog-kennel situations and finally stumbled upon some information on SweetPDZ. 

I can’t thank you enough!

Ginny Venning
Barrington, IL


My Rotten Dogs

Check out Rebekah Ward's awesome testimonial using Sweet PDZ in dog area. Click Here for testimonial.


Flooded Stalls

I wanted to post on here and let you know that while I was in the desert on vacation a couple of weeks ago enjoying the record heat by a private pool with my Corona, it was raining like cray cray at home in the big Bluegrass State. So I came home to flooded stalls. I mean after all, there is only so much rain my little farm can handle. So I headed to town to get some bags of Sweet PDZ and covered each stall in them. The next day…..dry, dry, dry. I mean all kidding aside, I was totally shocked. You have a believer and a customer for life! Awesome Product! - Leigh Walkup


Happy Kitty's

I have been using sweet PDZ as a kitty litter in my multiple cat home for more than a year. It scoops like clumping litter all on its own and when ammonia-saturated I use it in the yard after removing solid waste. My bushes and lawn love it! A bit dusty when used exclusively(even in granular form), a small air filter used in the kitty litter box room removes much of the airborne dust. It sure beats that slimy clumping litter! - Tracy Jacobsen



I LOVE this stuff! I raise rabbits and have recently tried this stuff out because I have a few with VERY strong urine, i put pine pellets in their trays and sprinkle Sweet PDZ on the top, and my rabbitry is now ODOR FREE!! and best of all its Natural!!!! I was worried about using lime like most people, but thanks to your product I dont have to! Jennifer Hill________________________________________________________________


My dogs, family and I thank you for a great product. We have dogs that use the patio dirt for the bathroom when we aren't home and nothing else was doing it. Your product fixed the smell, flies and made the patio seem like a patio again rather than a kennel. - Mitch Mccrossen


YeeHa!  Another Barn Lime Convert

I won the Sweet PDZ a little while back and wanted to say how Happy I am with this product. I was using regular barn lime, but switched when I received the complimentary bag of Sweet PDZ. If anyone reading this hasn't tried this product yet... I would recommend it. If anyone else has used it... wouldn't you agree! -  Monika Miller


Happy Donkey

My donkey's stall never had a problem until he started going inside during the winter. I found Sweet PDZ and started using it. Fast forward from November to May when I got my first 4 laying hens. The first day in the coop and the smell was just awful. Someone on-line suggest boards under the roost with that would hold the sweet PDZ. I stole the sweet PDZ from the donkey--What a difference! It takes me just a few minutes to scoop and the coop always smells good! Thank-you for a product that does what you claim. Kimberly


Sweet PDZ is the best stall freshener as it produces a pleasant climate in the stables without the nuisance of dust

....Kirk Arabians - Click here to read the full testimonial


Ammonia Fumes in a Horse's Stall
My horse's stall smells like ammonia. I feed my horse alfalfa hay, and my barn friends tell me that the high-protein content of this hay is causing the ammonia smell. Is this true? Is it a bad thing?

By Nancy S. Loving, DVM - Click here to see the answer

Cats Prefer Litter Boxes Treated with Sweet PDZ

I have been a pet owner for my entire life and have had many cats over the years. Recently I was introduced to the product Sweet PDZ. I absolutely love this product for several reasons.

I currently have 3 cats and have always added this product to their unscented cat litter.   During a recent trip to get new cat litter, I inadvertently picked up scented cat litter and did not discover it until I poured it into their cat boxes.  I also have just one cat box with only Sweet PDZ and all of my cats will choose this litter box over
 the one with the scented cat litter as the one they use the most.

This product is also great at eliminating the odor of urine on any item where the cats have had an accident.  Just sprinkle it on to absorb the liquid and the smell is gone!  I would never have believed it, had I not tried it myself.  

It is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone with pets.

Karen Thomas,  
Spokane, WA


Works like a charm!

I have used PDZ in my barn for my llamas and have found it to be a great product. I'm very happy that TSC carries this product becuase when I first started to use it, I had to buy it through a catalog and pay shipping for a heavy item. It keeps the stalls smelling fresh and absorbs a good deal of the urine making clean-up a snap. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has animals.


I have been using PDZ in Horse Stalls for a couple of years now sprinkling it over the claned up we spots. It works great and smells 110% better than other products we've tried. We are very happy with this product.

Sweet PDZ is a boon to all
"City Homesteaders"

"My Small heard of Dairy Goats has lived in our city neighborhood for 13 years, and my nearest neighbor's house is only 75 feet from the barn. So if it gets smelly, the aroma doesn't have far to go to be offensive. Sometimes it got pretty bad, taking an awful lot of my time cleaning. And, cleaning alone just never got rid of enough smell. Last year I found Sweet PDZ! It works so well that I no longer worry about causing complaints from my neighbors, and possibly losing my goats!

After each milking time (twice a day) I lightly flour only 1/2 - 3/4 cup of the finely powdered Sweet PDZ very thinly over the 10' X 24' barn plus 10' X 15' of the outdoor arena nearest the barn. I also sprinkle about 1 flake of straw, or the coarse hay they wouldn't eat, inside the barn. Within a day, a lot of odor is gone, and after a week of this process, there is hardly any odor at all. I can smell the gardens and flowers again. I also noticed that the goat's chronic runny nose and coughing stopped.

Sweet PDZ is a boon to all "city homesteaders". We won't be moving to a rural area, and the biggest obstacle to city farming is the odor which neighbors don't like. I hadn't thought of trying it in the chicken pen till I read your website, but we will do that next. My children hate the smell of the chicken pen and I think Sweet PDZ will help them be more willing to do their chicken chores. I am going to include info on Sweet PDZ in the brochure the city gives out with it's Chicken/Livestock Permits."

St. Louis County, MO


I just wanted to say that we LOVE your PDZ!!!!  

"We started using it a year ago for our Shire Draft horses.  My barn with 5 horses in it never smelled better!  The horses are in their box stalls at night in the winter and during the day in the hot summer months.  Either time the stalls are always fresh and nice.  We always have cleaned our stalls daily and put down clean shavings,  but now with the PDZ used 2 -3 times a week it is so much better.  I have even gotten our feed store to get it.  (We found it at another horse place where we just stopped in to see what they had.)  Thank you so much for this great product."

Kathy Green
I have to tell you, you have a wonderful product.

"Last week end I had the opportunity to work on the back yard.   Cleaning up from a winter of neglect, with lots of twigs,  leaves and some leftover dog stuff, was a major job.  In each  of the areas I cleared I sprinkled (by hand) your Sweet PDZ  and went on to the next area.  When I returned past the sprinkled site, there was no rotting soil smell and you could  not tell that two dogs inhabit the yard (a Gr. Shep - Monroe  and a Borzoi - Muttley).
Thank you for letting me know where to purchase this product.  I went to Southern States in Manassas, VA and purchased a  small bag.  It wasn't expensive, and definitely worth every penny I spent.
It is so nice to be able to open the door and windows to have "fresh" air come into the house.  I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it too."

Joyce Mabry
Centreville, VA

I just love PDZ and so do my horses. 

"I had an older pony and an older Morgan mare with chronic stable cough.  I tried several medications and supplements dealing cough, nothing worked.  Since using PDZ both their coughs are gone and both are breathing much better and both are off all medications or supplements . . . I couldn't be happier with the improvement in my horses breathing and the disappearance of the stable cough.  I pride myself in keeping a very clean barn so I didn't think the clean stalls would cause this problem.  I love PDZ and so do my horses." 

Mickie MacMillan 
Pine Bush, NY


I started using PDZ from the first day we bought our farm.

"I have been using your product for about 15 years.  I have shared my life with Arabian horses for over 40 years.  I started using PDZ from the first day we purchased our farm . . . We have just completed a magnificent new barn, and the stall area has 5 different types and sizes of gravel in various levels as a base, with thick-grade stall mats on top.  I applied about 1/4 inch of PDZ on the bare gravel before laying down the mats.  Then. I applied a scattering which completely covered the mast with a light coating.  The final application of sawdust was then put in place.  It has been 7 months since the base layer was put down, with daily refreshing during stall maintenance.  Each one of my horses has an area in the stall they use for their bathroom, and I apply a little extra on these spots.  There is never a detectable odor of ammonia . . . even after extended periods, the stalls maintain their freshness.

 . . . In addition to the barn use, I put PDZ on the bottom of our cockatoo and parrot cages and then place the paper on top of it.  It works equally well there.  In closing, I want to thank you again for an economical and environmentally sound product . . . It has become a part of our everyday life."

Louise Strange-Wahl
Germantown, OH


Thanks for a great product.

"I recently purchased a used horse trailer that had a dressing room area in it.  The roof vent had been leaking and consequently, the indoor/outdoor carpeting and the layers within the plywood were damp and mildewy.

I spread PDZ on the floor and allowed it to soak up the moisture.  I then "shoveled" most of it out using a dustpan and vacuumed the remainder.  I have since fixed the lead, but there is still condensation that builds up in that area when I use it as a sleeping area with a heater.  I feel completely safe sprinkling PDZ on the floor when I return from a camping trip and then vacuuming it out a few days later.  It freshens the dressing room and removes the "horsy" odor also.

There may be campers who experience the musty smell in their popup tents and such that could use an application of PDZ.  They may not want to spread it on the floor - but may want to place pans of it in the camper when they first open up after winter storage.

I also use PDZ in the "Michigan Basement" of my 150 year old home, and periodically in my horse's stall - mostly in the spring when it seems to be so damp.

Thanks for a great product."

Sterling Heights, MI


Consider me your newest loyal customer and a big fan!!

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful product, Sweet PDZ.  I had tried a sample that I received a year or so ago and I actually  thought with one application I could tell a difference, but with no dealer in my area I was left to wonder.

Recently our local feed store began to carry Sweet PDZ, and I immediately bought a bag to give it a try.  I can't believe the difference I have seen in just 5 days. I have four horses and I clean my stalls daily and have been using Sweet PDZ daily since I got the bag 5 days ago.  My horses are in about 12 hours at night and our during the day.  We all know how the ammonia smell can be on a hot humid day, even in a clean barn.  Not any more!  Sweet PDZ has taken that ammonia smell away completely.  I could not be more pleased.

One of my horses has a breathing problem (heaves) so I am particularly grateful to you for this product, as ammonia only aggravates his condition.  Thank you, thank you!  Consider me your newest loyal customer and a big fan!! " 

Charleston, IL


Thanks to PDZ, I've taken a great product and made it better.

"I came across your site over a year ago - I had never heard of Sweet PDZ, but was intrigued by the testimonials and the claims.  My wife and I raise Arabian horses, and I also manage a woodenware manufacturing corporation that grinds waste wood into sawdust and sells to local area farms/ranches for bedding in the summer and  produces wood pellets for pellet stoves in the winter months.

 I first tried PDZ in our stalls and was amazed at the results.  Any ammonia smell was gone immediately - wet spots dried up, and as claimed, the nitrogen bi-product has been a great addition to our compost pile.  My wife took things a step further by adding it to our 25# cat's litter box - it's never been a pleasant chore changing his litter, and once again, PDZ took care of odor problems immediately. 

 Meanwhile, I had already started into manufacturing wood pellets to be used as cat litter, and even stall bedding.  Since we had a cat and horses at home, I had a test market, and was pleased with the results.  Pine pellets worked much better for absorbency and odor control in the litter box, and the smell of pine in the stalls offset the ammonia odor and cleaned up easier as well.  With PDZ working so well, I decided to add it to our pellets and test them again.  Over the past 8-12 months, I have used it, and have asked others to use it, and in summary, everybody loves it.  When wet, the pellets start breaking down into sawdust and is easy to clean up.  The addition of PDZ totally eliminates even the faint odors that was still there.  I use two 40# bags in an 8X12 stall - the horses don't mind it at all, and my testing shows that 80# of pellets last 4-5 times longer than the same amount of sawdust.  In the litter box, a 40# bag last 3-4 months.

 What a deal - an all natural, environmentally safe product that makes a great fertilizer when disposed of.  Thanks to PDZ, I've taken a great product and made it better."

 Rick Molenda

Western Bee Supplies, Inc.

Polson, MT

Passing the Word on to Fellow Mushers

"A wonderful salesman from Agway introduced me to Sweet PDZ. I will be a continuing customer from here on. I have a dog kennel in the middle of a small northern town. The urine smell coming from my kennel had me worried about possible complaints. I have wonderful neighbors and it is very important to keep my kennel quiet and non-smelly. After applying Sweet PDZ,  for the first time in 7 years, I could smell the great outdoors, not urine!  Thank you for coming out with such a great product. I've passed the word on to all my fellow mushers on our sled dog line. You have acquired many new customers! !"

Ruth P.

Poof! Gone!!

"Hello, I just came across your web site, and as a long time user of your product, I had to drop you a note.

We raise Arabian horses, and during our humid summers here, it doesn't take much ammonia in a stall to become unbearable to my eyes and nose, so you can imagine how the horses must feel! Especially after we installed stall mats which keep the urine trapped instead of a earth clay base floor where it can absorb to a point.

I tried Sweet PDZ, and was so impressed, as soon as you sprinkle it on the wet floor, the smell disappears! Poof! Gone!! None of those nasty, dusty lime clouds either. I recommend it to all my friends! One friend has an old horse with heaves, and she was having a rough time with him as far as turning out and keeping in. She tried your product, and impressed as I was, and now when her old horse is in the barn, it has cut down on the amount of coughing he was doing.

You have a wonderful product and we really love it. I even put some in a big coffee can and take it to shows with us now to sprinkle and keep the stalls there smelling nice! Thank you for making my barn nicer, and my horses happier!"

S. Conger

Wouldn't be without it

"Just a note to let you know I use PDZ and wouldn't be without it! It is everything it claims to be. I use it everyday in my stalls after cleaning them. I especially like how it controls odors and is so safe to use around horses. Thank you and keep up the good work.

P.S. It also works great in the litter box for the barn cats. I just sprinkle some in the bottom of the containers and top it with litter mix. Does a great job of controlling those odors."

~P. Mullins

Opened a floodgate

"I just wanted to say thank you for your great product. My horse Rory was going through incredible amounts of shavings in his stall, and the smell was terrible. I found that when I used Sweet PDZ under his shavings I got three or four more days out of his shavings then I did without the PDZ, and the stall always smelled clean, even after a long night.

I am looking forward to trying the granulated format for my cat's litter box.

In requesting that my local tack shop carry the product, I opened up a flood gate! The shop can't keep enough in the store it sells so fast. Thank you again for the incredible product."

~R. Price

Won over

"We convinced a feed store about 30 minutes from our home to order Sweet PDZ. Not only have we won over more than six individuals to your product, but our supplier claims to sell increasing amounts. Thank you very much for the product - it is absolutely Wonderful. Our climate is very humid and warm and conductive to bad odors and moist bedding - your product has cut the odor down significantly and the stalls remain fresh throughout the day."

A. Bridgewater


"I recently bought a couple of bags of PDZ and WOW! I was amazed at the immediate relief of the ammonia smell and the power it had to absorb moisture.

During the recent heavy rainfall - thanks to El Nino, we had one stall that flooded, and of course, the other stalls were moisture laden from allowing the horses to go in and out to their corrals for free time. We stripped the stalls, applied Sweet PDZ, and after allowing some drying time, reapplied the bedding and our horses were again warm, dry, and comfortable.

Here at the Gold Rose Ranch, my husband and I raise World Champion Palomino Quarter Horses. We have three horses: Miss Eternal Quest, a 21 year old Eleven-time National Champion in diverse classes like, Trail, Western Riding, Ranch Horse, Reining, Barrels, Poles, and Stakes. She is the dam of our World and National Champion Mare (who is also a National Champion in Showmanship at Halter), Miss Tiffany Rose. Tiffany was the 1996 World Champion Youth Aged Mare, Amateur Aged Mare, and Open Aged Mare as well as winning those same honors as the National High Point. Our Gelding, A Predator is a multiple World and National Champion Halter Gelding and has won the World Title in Parade Horse as well as keeping me in the Top Ten National Standings in several events in the past few years.

I don't know how we got along before using Sweet PDZ in our stalls. I can't wait to use it during the summer months in the trailer as we haul quite a bit and I always worried about the smell and the damage it does to my horses when they are in the trailer.

Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price."

K. Burleson

What Fairgrounds are Saying:

"Thank you for assisting us with our animal odor control  We have used the PDZ odor control product for the last three years during the Spokane County Interstate Fair.  Comments from exhibitors as well as spectators have been very complimentary.

The Livestock Superintendents were very pleased not having to deal with animal odor problems that have occurred during previous fairs.  The elevated temperatures during the 2001 Fair tested your product and it passed with flying colors.

Of the thousands of spectators that viewed the animal exhibits at the 2001 fair, not one complained of any animal odors.  PDZ has been very successful in making the "Interstate Fair" pleasant for all."

- Spokane County Interstate Fair, Spokane, WA

"Once again, the Puyallup Fair has come to a close, for another year.  I would like to express to you and your organization the complete satisfaction we experience with your product Sweet PDZ.  Since I have received your phone call about six years ago, introducing Sweet PDZ, we have been able to achieve odor control in our stall and barn areas.  This makes for fresher, cleaner livestock areas for our patrons to visit.

Sweet PDZ an all natural, environmentally friendly product, which provides safer, as well as more effective, economical, ammonia and odor control, especially compared to that of hydrated lime for our facility.

The method of application is applied in visible layers before stalls are bedded.  This is done with a disinfectant each and every time we have a changeover.

Thank you for introducing the Puyallup Fair to Sweet PDZ.  It has been completely successful for our organization."


Puyallup Fair, Puyallup, WA
Western Washington Fair Association


"...We used it in all of our barns and animal tents. We found it to be extremely effective in controlling offensive animal odors. It proved to work especially well in the poultry tent where we have previously struggled with reducing the offensive smell."

- King County Fair, Seattle, WA

"...We had a real problem in our poultry building with foul odors. We could mask the odor temporarily, but we could not satisfactorily control it on a daily basis until we started using Sweet PDZ ...Approximately 1,000 chickens, pigeons, turkeys, geese and rabbits were in this building with daytime temperatures in the 80 to 90+ degrees range. Thanks to Sweet PDZ for approximately 10 years of odor control."

-The Big Fresno Fair, Fresno, CA

"I am writing to say thank you for the donation of Sweet PDZ. I am the Superintendent of the swine division for Muskegon County Fair. Our barns won the trophy for the Cleanest and well kept pens."

-Muskegon County Fair, Muskegon, MI

"Thank you so much for your donation of PDZ for our 4-H Youth Fair in Muskegon County. The barns were quite odor free for the public even in the extreme heat that we had that week."

-Muskegon County Fair, Casnovia, MI





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