Spice Rack Cures

Turmeric, an Asian spice, has an impressive resume of reducing inflammation, relieving pain, protecting against brain degenerative diseases, and suppressing insulin resistance, according to Dr. Juliet Getty.  Research has revealed that feeding turmeric to laboratory animals suffering from Type II diabetes (which involves insulin resistance) resulted in weight reduction and increased glucose utilization. Continue reading

 Preparation Saves the Day

“A successful emergency rescue is about 90 percent preparation and 10% action,” reiterated Ontario SPCA officer Bonnie Bishop.  Bishop can’t say enough about how the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue program, presented by Equine Guelph last fall, has helped her on the job.  On March 17, 2015 preparation was put into action when a bull trapped down a well, just north of Napanee, was successfully rescued with Bonnie helping triage the situation on the end of a phone line with agent Tex Ridder on the scene.

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Iron Man

Are you adding a supplement to your horse’s diet that contains iron? You may want to consider changing it if your horse is overweight, diagnosed with insulin resistance, or suffers from equine Cushing’s disease, says Dr. Juliet Getty. Studies have shown a direct correlation between iron intake and insulin levels in the blood, making it an important factor in managing the diet for these horses. Continue reading

Calm Down!

Travel and competition season is upon us, and “show nerves” are common, even in horses. Agitated, nervous horses that are normally well behaved may benefit from a calming supplement. These products can contain vitamins, or minerals, or herbs, or amino acids. So, which to choose and how best to use them?  Before making a decision, consider these important points from Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.: Continue reading

Step Easy

The Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) is proud to announce its recent Breed Alliance Partnership with the National Walking Horse Association (NWHA).  The National Walking Horse Association shares the WDAA’s deep respect and care for the soundness and longevity of the horse as well as values the importance of education for the horse and rider team.  Continue reading

Vaccinate for Safety’s Sake!

dog-owner-vaccination-200wThe anti-vaccination movement not only threatens human health—as shown in the recent U.S. measles outbreak—but, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), it could also have devastating effects for our pets if that ideology gains a foothold in veterinary medicine. Continue reading