Bedding for Baby!

After the birth of Pea Pod, Fergus and I got to talking… what exactly is the best bedding for foaling? The mama to be has a lot on her mind as the BIG day approaches, and what is underneath her feet tends not to be of the utmost concern. But it’s important! It is the first experience the precious babe will have of the outside world!

I mean, we all know (at least I hope you do), that a healthy bed needs to begin with a layer of Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher in order to keep the ammonia levels down and the stall smelling OH-SO-FRESH! But then what? What is the best bedding for bringing little ones into the world?

Only the best for my Pea Pod and Me!

Only the best for my Pea Pod and Me!

Shavings? Straw? Sawdust? It seems that the possibilities are endless and all of the options have their benefits, but let me tell YOU what works for this hot mama.

I like to have an initial layer of Sweet PDZ, as mentioned earlier, then I add in a healthy layer of shavings. I find them to be absorbent and quite comfortable. Over the shavings, I add a thick layer of straw. This cuts down on the dust that little one will inhale as they enter the world. The added benefit of having straw over the shavings, is that the foal will be on a DRY surface, the fluids drain through the straw where they are absorbed by the shavings.

But that’s just MY preference, what do you like and why?

Signing off now to go smooch my babe!
Sweet Pea

Oh Baby!

While I may have been a bit quiet about my rapidly expanding waistline, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the new addition to my world: Pea Pod. A darling filly with stunning good looks (JUST like her Mama…), she is destined for big things!  With legs that go on for miles, and eye lashes that make everyone’s hearts flutter, she’s simply lovely. And, oh, that personality! She’s got a wit that rivals the best (ME!).

The Mastermind behind the One and Only Fergus the Horse,  Jean Abernethy, came out to the farm to witness my sweet little Pea Pod, and let’s just say that she is the only person that truly captures my little lady’s essence. Say “Hello” to this fabulous girl that is sure to make her mark on the world!

Welcome to the World, Sweet Pea!

Welcome to the World, Pea Pod!

Stay tuned, you KNOW that this girl is going to change this sassy mare’s life around… but in a good way! I can’t wait to see where this adventure brings me!

Ta-ta For Now!
Sweet Pea…and Pea Pod!

Standing Together

In light of Monday’s tragedies in Boston, it only seemed right to mention the beautiful new portrait that the FEI has recently put into circulation. The specially commissioned composite portrait unveils the eight ambassadors of its global sport development program, FEI Solidarity.

Standing together in solidarity!

Standing together in solidarity!

The athletes involved in this unique project are:  Charlotte Dujardin OBE, British double Olympic Dressage gold medalist;  Laurentia Tan, Singapore’s top medal winning Paralympian; Ingrid Klimke, German Olympic Eventing gold medalist; Jessica Springsteen, the 22-year-old American Jumping star; Maria Alvarez Ponton, the Spanish rider who in 2010 became the first rider to hold concurrent World and European Endurance titles; Tomas Eriksson, Sweden’s three-time winner of the FEI Top Driver Award; Lior Raz, the Israeli who has been competing in Reining since the age of 14; and Bongani Mvumvu, the South African Vaulter who also won the FEI World Dressage Challenge Final for Children in Hagen (GER) in 2003.

These ambassadors will help to raise awareness of the FEI Solidarity program by attending media events and visiting equestrian development initiatives around the world.

Let’s all stand together as a united front, the equestrian world (and I guess those non-equestrians too…) is strong!

Tata for now!
Sweet Pea

Stop the Stink!

You have carefully selected the ideal helmet based on the safety reviews, fit, and style, but does your helmet smell a bit worse for the wear? Here are a few tips for freshening up that “fragrant” helmet:

Keep your helmet smelling as sweet as your stalls!

Keep your helmet smelling as sweet as your stalls!

– A few fabric-softener sheets crumpled inside your helmet won’t kill the odor-causing bacteria, but they can provide an inexpensive, effective, and easy solution to combat odor.

– Spray-on antibacterial odor removers are made by several helmet companies and are available through many tack shops and websites. Be sure to choose one specifically made for equestrian helmets, as they are specially formulated for the helmet materials.

– Look for sacks with baking soda or other deodorizers inside; leave one in your helmet whenever it isn’t on your head. (If you’re feeling crafty, you could make one yourself!)

– Wash out the inside of your helmet with a gentle soap and a damp cloth; it may be all you need to have the lining smelling fresh and clean again!

Fur Be-gone!

A shedding blade can be a valuable tool!

A shedding blade can be a valuable tool!

It’s that time of year, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the fur is flying! Welcome to shedding season! I wanted to delve into my bag of tricks and find a few ways to make this shedding season go by as smoothly as possible for you. Just lend your ear to me, Miss Sweet Pea, and I’ll help you transform your wooly mammoth into a sleek show pony!

– Get used to that world famous elbow grease! Use a curry comb with all you’ve got, then brush off the hair and do it again! Some people choose to use a metal curry comb or a shedding blade, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE for the sake of all equine-kind: do NOT use them over any part of your horse’s hips, spine, shoulders, legs, etc where the skin covers bone.

– Make sure  you have your deworming program up to date. Those nasty worms can really affect hair coat.

– Get your horse moving! Exercise will stimulate circulation and coat health.

– Get up close and personal with your vacuum, marry it even. It removes large amounts of hair at an alarming rate!

-You may consider using an old shirt to cover your clothes as the shedding process peaks, there is typically a ton of hair to remove.  And for my sake, don’t wear lipstick, or chapstick, or Fleece.  You’re going to walk out of the barn wearing more hair then your horse if you choose not to head my advice.

What types of shedding tips do you have?

Ta-Ta for Now!
Sweet Pea

April Flowers Bring May Flowers

Oh Haaaaay, check the calendar, it’s April 1st! That means that spring is OFFICIALLY in the air! But before you before you  head outside and start planting your garden, make sure that as you introduce landscaping around your barn, you are aware of vegetation that is poisonous to your horse! Here is a quick list of common flowers that are harmful to your equine; but be sure to research before you place any type of plant around your barn and pastures: Lily of the Valley, Boxwood, Burning Bush, Foxglove, Gardenia, Azalea, Hydrangea, Mountain Laurel, Daffodils, Primrose, Tulip, Hibiscus, Rhododendron, and Hosta.

Happy (and Healthy) Planting!
Ta-Ta For Now!
Sweet Pea