Super Horse to the Super Bowl

This Year of the Horse, an equine, NFL mascot is making a name for himself and his Super Bowl-bound teammates. Thunder, a purebred Arabian gelding, and the beloved symbol of Broncos’ victory, is not just a pretty face. Rather, he is an ambassador for the Arabian breed and a timestamp for a title and ring that is just within reach for the Mile High City.

1780899_10152234756506807_1661527171_nThe 2013 NFL season marked Thunder’s tenth year as the club’s mascot. With the passing of the original Thunder in 2009, Thunder II, or Winter Solstyce, and his rider and trainer Ann Judge-Wegener can be seen at any home game galloping down the turf, marking a scoring drive from the Denver Broncos. The crowd of 76,000 goes wild as horse and rider thunder over the yard lines in a blaze of navy and orange.

While Thunder II will not be traveling to Super Bowl XLVII, his young protégé, Thunder III, a fourteen-year-old Arabian gelding by the registered name of Me N Myshadow, will take the place of honor. Thunder III served as mascot during the 2013 pre-season Broncos’ home games and attends most of the duo’s public appearances. His age made him the horse of choice for travel to this year’s Super Bowl. While a Thunder mascot has traveled to Super Bowls in the past, this will be Thunder III and Ann’s first trip to the championship game together.

Because this special Arabian this will be the first Thunder mascot to fly to a Super Bowl game, Fed Ex will sponsor the duo’s travel. In a pressurized, cargo plane like those used for transporting Olympic horses, Thunder III will be flying in style and safety. The size of his stall, the temperature of the plane, and the overall atmosphere of the experience and flight, have all been thoughtfully considered.

“All of this has been discussed,” says Judge-Wegener, “so that when he gets to New Jersey, he is rested and ready to ride.”

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The Warm Fuzzies

Last week, I gave you a few fabulous (if I do say so myself) tips for helping your horse stay safe in the freezing temperatures. Although the weather is tough on all horses… the polar vortex and the deep snow can be extremely problematic for horses with arthritic and mobility issues. If a horse is mildly arthritic during the summer it could become unsound during the winter – especially with equine seniors. Combine cold temperatures, dampness, and deep snow or mud and a horse’s joints can quickly become sore and less flexible.

Standing around doesn’t help the situation. It would be just like sitting on the couch for 8-10 hours and then trying to move. Keeping horses mobile, supplemented, and as flexible as possible are key to keeping these horses sound until spring.

Here are some other tips for keeping senior horses comfortable during the winter:

1. Feed a joint supplement with MSM, Glucosamine, and HA. Omegas are also good for keeping inflammation down.

2. Add a pain reliever like Bute on really bad days. While you want to be conservative when using these – the benefits out way the risks if you can keep the horse moving and active with a little pain reliever.

3. Maintain flexibility. Do stretching exercises on a regular basis. These can be as simple as manipulating a horse’s head to the right, to the left, and in between its front legs. Offering a treat at each point will get a horse to do these voluntarily.

4. Groom with a rubber massager brush on a regular basis. This will help to increase circulation to large muscle groups.

5. Try to maintain you regular exercise schedule. If you don’t have an indoor arena and footing is bad outdoors, try to at least hand walk horses for 10-15 minutes twice a day. Backing, turning on the forehand, and 90-360 degree turns can also be done on the ground and will help keep a horse supple.

6. Encourage natural movement in pens by putting hay in several piles . . . so horses have to move from one spot to another.

7. If snow is really deep in the pastures, shovel a few paths to make movement easier.

8. When turnout isn’t possible (like during a blizzard or ice storm) at least move horses from one stall to another. The movement helps; it also helps with boredom – when stabled for long periods of time.

9. Consider bedding with straw or old hay. Deep bedding encourages older horses to lie down. It’s warmer and softer to lay on straw then it is to lay on a thin layer of sawdust over a rubber mat. Include a healthy application of Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher to maintain respiratory health while the horse is inside and the barn is shut up.

10. Keep horses hydrated by offering warm water several times during the day. Adequate water consumption during the winter is crucial to keeping joints lubricated.

Stay Warm!
Sweet Pea

The Cold Shoulder

Bitter cold temperatures have been a theme this winter, and are now here again. Experts at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment spoke with us, and offered tips for managing horses during extremely cold weather. While the ideal time for cold weather preparation is in the fall, there are management tips recommended by experts to help keep your horses healthy now.

According to Bob Coleman, extension horse specialist within UK’s Department of Animal and Food Sciences, horse owners should also think about preparing for acute versus chronic cold. Acute cold is found in the cold snaps that last for a short period of time. Chronic cold is the cold that takes hold and stays with a region for a much longer duration. Sometimes an acute situation can prove to be more dangerous to animals, he said, because they aren’t as used to the cold and owners might not be as well prepared as those in locations where intense cold is more typical and long-lasting.

Regardless of the type of cold present, horse owners should make sure animals have adequate shelter, water, dry bedding and feed, he said.

According to Coleman, digestion is one way horses help generate heat when it is cold. The average horse, with a lower activity level, should eat between 1.5 and 2 percent of its body weight in feed per day to maintain weight. Feed requirements go up as temperatures drop, and horses use more calories to keep warm. Mature horses can, when adapted, handle a temperature of 5 degrees F, which is called the lower critical temperature, he said. When the temperature falls below this, the horse needs to increase heat production or reduce heat loss to maintain core body temperature.

One way to do this is for the horse to eat more. A drop in temperature to minus 5 degrees will require an additional 15 percent more forage to provide the needed calories, meaning the horse needs to eat 2-3 more pounds of hay each day.

“As a horse owner, making sure there is some extra hay available will help your horses get through the short-term cold snaps. Long or more chronic exposure to cold will need some other management changes to meet the horse’s calorie needs,” Coleman said. “On the short-term, add more forage. But if forage supplies are limited, adding a concentrate feed to the diet may be needed.”

For mature horses at maintenance, good quality legume-grass mixed hay should be adequate, while young growing horses or broodmares in late gestation require a concentrate in their diets to meet the increased calorie needs. If an owner is adding concentrate for the first time, those additions should be made gradually to prevent digestive upsets.

Coleman said it’s also critically important that horses to have access to clean, unfrozen water to ensure that they eat adequate amounts of feed. Intake of water each day helps to reduce the risk of colic due to impaction. While this can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of winter horse management, its importance can’t be over-emphasized. In addition, horses will need shelter to provide protection from the wind and any precipitation that may fall.

For horse owners who choose to use blankets, Coleman urged them to make sure those blankets are both wind and waterproof. A wet blanket equals a wet horse, and that wetness disrupts the coat’s ability to insulate the animal and can quickly lead to cold stress.

All horse owners should take extra time observing horses during cold snaps to make sure they are handling the temperatures well. This means checking on horses daily. Ones who are feeling the effects of the cold will need extra attention. Coleman strongly recommended keeping horses out of pastures or paddocks with ponds or other open water sources. There are cases each winter of horses falling through ice and into a pond.

U-G-L-Y (This is one UGLee Ergonomic Pen!)

You ain’t got no alibi!

Yeah, yeah, this pen is UGLY! But it’s also a whole lot of good as well. Whether you are writing out 8908352908 different horse show entry forms or just trying to write your grocery list after coming in from the cold, you are sure to find that the job is easier with the UGLee Pen in your hand.

The U(ltimate) G(rip) P(en) has made my owner’s aching hands feel a bit better. Often they cramp up when she begins to write… and THAT is just no fun! She also finds that after a long morning braiding, filling out those dreaded add/scratch forms is just no fun… but the unique ergonomic shape of the grip really helps out her fingers. To be honest, you don’t even need to grip the pen… it grips you.

And, it is SUPER light. Meaning that is is not only comfortable to hold and use, but also resize_9d00b7f1e0a70716209012ac1ed1e5af567f51d6738292a4b5d47ea06819df8a4477de78250250easy to carry around to make sure that you always have it on you.

And now, I want to give one to YOU!

Here’s how!

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Best of Luck!!

A Pain Free Me!

And a pain free you!

Today, I’m giving you the chance to win a fabulous new pain relieving cream that is formulated JUST for the hard working human. resize_c9da3c2f190d9da3063913afcc2a8ab41c39ab8a7f7eb5f2f07a392cf0b1e0098cddd532250250

We all know that as horses (and humans!) age, the pain becomes a fact of life. Muscles ache, joints creak and it hurts just to wake up. Until now.

My human recently found a great new product that dramatically reduces her aches and pains, AND is safe to use on a daily basis! Noxicare™ is a natural pain relief formula that quickly and effectively alleviate pains by combining seven of the world’s most potent natural pain relievers. The non-greasy cream formula is easily applied to the affected area and it quickly quiets your screaming muscles.

This is an incredible natural pain relief formula that relieves all three common types of pain: inflammation, muscle aches and nerve pain. And, the best part? You don’t even need a prescription to purchase it!
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Ta-Ta for now!
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No More Aching Joints

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”><img style=”display: none” src=”” /></a>

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate supplements are fast becoming the most widely used supplements in dogs’ diets. According to T.J. Dunn, Jr., DVM, the reason is this: Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common health problems seen by veterinarians. Unfortunately, dog owners and veterinarians rarely notice the early warning signs of arthritis in dogs because these animals have the character to ignore soreness and discomfort until the arthritic changes in the joints have progressed significantly.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound composed of a sugar and an amino acid and is involved with the body’s production of joint lubricants and shock absorption necessary to maintain healthy cartilage and joint function. It is manufactured in the body in the joint cartilage and is one of the major components involved with the formation of the critical lubricants and shock absorbers necessary to maintain and restore healthy joint performance. Glucosamine sulfate is also one of the building blocks of articular cartilage and it aids in the rebuilding of damaged cartilage.

Glucosamine sulfate is also beneficial to other other body structures besides joints, though. It is involved in the formation of nails, tendons, skin, eyes, synovial fluid, bone, ligaments, heart valves and in mucous secretions of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts. It is created in the production of proteins associated with cellular growth and structure.

TerraMax Pro’s glucosamine for dogs has been recommended by veterinarians for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and activity levels! Liquid joint supplements for dogs have been used in Europe for over 20 years and studies show that liquid supplements absorb much more quickly and efficiently than tablets, chews or any other form. Even the pickiest dogs love the taste of our supplement. Compared to other supplements, they also offer higher amounts of the active ingredients. TerraMax Pro contains 1600 mg of Glucosamine, 1200 mg of Chondroitin and 1000 mg of Ultra Pure MSM for unsurpassed results!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

New Year, New You

It’s not often that I hand my blog over to my human, and well, I guess I can’t even REALLY do so today. But she found an amazing new product that I thought would appeal to her fellow equestrians and thought that all of you would love, love, LOVE to hear about it.

resize_e533e443a7add475eb9ff4a7be5606a9a1f0e834b6ce7ad154eeaf507ffd8860346e65fb250250She came to a barn a few weeks ago raving on and on and on about a new face cream that was going to remove her age spots, help her wrinkles and hydrate her wind burned skin. Well, I tuned her out. I’ve heard this song and dance a few times before.

And then the weather took a turn for the worse (you know, Polar Vortex and all…), but bless her heart she came to see me each day in the searing cold, spending ample amounts of time with me and making sure that I was comfortable despite the weather. A peculiar thing happened; despite the cruel weather, the condition of her skin started to improve.

I know, you’re all like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sweet Pea, It’s a wonderrrrrr product, right?” And in a word, no; it’s not a wonder product. But, it is pretty darn good. Some of her errrr… more “prominent” age marks lightened and gave her skin a more even tone, it was really quite amazing! The All Natural Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener truly is an effective and natural solution for diminishing dark spots quickly and safely.

It’s not perfect, I mean, it does smell a bit odd. But the smell fades quickly and helps to provide the smooth skin tone that my human so covets, giving her a fabulous, youthful look. The luscious,  easy to apply facial cream was developed by a strong team of people who knew what they were doing… resulting in an incredible product that is worth checking out.

I mean, if it made my human look good, IMAGINE what it could do for you! (Please, please don’t tell her that I said that, I’m not ready to ramp up the lateral work tomorrow!)

Ta-Ta for Now!
Sweet Pea