In the Black

Kentucky Horse Park is now transitioning almost 30 miles of white plank fencing to black fencing. The white fencing has been in place since the iconic facility opened in 1978. The park is making this transition due to the economic and operational realities of maintaining white fencing versus black fencing. Continue reading

Keeping Your Arena Riding Great!

Your dream finally came true. After saving up your pennies and spending time and money working with a contractor to clear an area and lay a foundation, you’ve built a riding arena of your own. Now comes the part that is so frequently overlooked, yet is the single most important factor if you want the footing to ride to its optimum performance level, that is the maintenance of it. Continue reading

Horsing Around!

452679897-e1390074281190Equid hybrids are, as the name tactfully suggests, hybrid animals that are bred from the three equid species—zebras, donkeys, and horses. Most people know about the mule (also known as “john” or “molly” depending on the gender), the cross of a donkey male and a horse female. However, it is only one of the many, many equid hybrids out there. Continue reading