Take the Pledge

What is on your list of New Year’s Resolution? S300x600-PDZ-Salvationtay active? Lose weight? Lose the STENCH? This year, we are challenging YOU to take the pledge to stop odor in it’s tracks!

Treat your horse’s stall with Sweet PDZ (or use it your chicken coop, or your dog run, or… or… or… the possibilities are endless!). What better time than the turn of a new year to renew your commitment to safeguarding your four-legged (and two legged) companions from noxious ammonia and odors in their homes. 

Join in our call for odor salvation in 2016 for every stall across the land and be entered to receive high-value coupons, Sweet Pea tee shirts and a chance to win a year’s supply of Sweet PDZ!

Simply post, “I pledge” in the comments and you will be in the mix to receive valuable coupons and prizes.

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