Who is Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea here, reporting in on the Sweet and the Smelly!

If you’re looking for the scoop on the horse world, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do I know a thing or two about Scoops (I do love my grain), I have an inside view of what’s really going on in the world of horses! Who better to give you the skinny (although that ain’t me…) on all things equine? Like any mare, I’m happy to share my opinion with you… Whether you asked for it or not! With a love of sweet treats and chin scratches, I’m your go to source for anything on the horse! From when I wake up in my cushy, soft, sweet smelling stall in the morning to when I kick up my not so sweet-smelling hooves at the end of the day, its all about life, according to the One and Only Sweet Pea… that’s ME! I promise to always keep my words sweet and digestible, just in case I have to eat them.

Horse Pals: Does your rider need straightening out? Are you sick and tired of those u-g-l-y breeches they wear to barn each day? Perhaps they need to understand that those gawd-awful-smelly supplements are NOT a food group? Send them my way… I’ll get them on the right track.

This mare is only as strong as the rest of her herd… and I want to know what you think too! So tell me your thoughts and keep checking back to see mine!

Signing out… Stay Tuned!
Ta-Ta-For Now!
Sweet Pea

5 thoughts on “Who is Sweet Pea?

  1. Good info and straight to your level. I do not know if this is basically the top spot to question but do you individuals have any ideas on where to employ some professional writers? Thx

    • Thank you so much Bree. We look at our beautiful peirutcs over and over and over I agree with Roxanne she is a beautiful model. Picture perfect!

  2. And this is why we have hired you for our newborn shots! These are smilpy amazing, and we can’t wait until January until you shoot our little man!

  3. Sweet Pea, You are the best! Brains, beauty and personality, all in the same mare! I wish my mare and gelding could meet you — you would be such good buddies! You would love the fresh sweet air here!

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